Chucky Trill

Corey Detiege, better known as Chucky Trill was a rising American rapper from Houston, Tx. Chucky shared his life stories of pain & struggles as well as happiness and success thru his music that so many loved and related to.

 In June 2017, he released ‘Back Stabbers” off his debut album Houston to Atlanta. In August 2018, he released another song titled “Streets Don’t Love A Soul”, which is his most known song to date (and one of my all time favorites.) Chucky knew he was destined for greatness and always gave credit to his father D of Trinity Gardens Cartel for being his biggest inspiration. 

  Chucky Trill was also an advocate to the Houston community; providing & serving food to the homeless, partnering with small local businesses for good causes and was a very humble person. He was loved by many and just getting started. He had a magnetic energy. 

   If you ever met Chucky Trill, or was a true fan of his music then you are blessed to help keep his living legacy alive. His latest album "Music for the Soul" is a classic before its time. 

  His final & sophomore album "Cartel Baby" is highly anticipated and expected to drop soon.  

Thank you Chucky Trill for sharing your music with the world.

You will never be forgotten.



Chucky Trill

             Music for the Soul