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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Hey Fam!!

One of the hardest things to do is to save money. I decided this year that I would take my finances more seriously, teach my kids & start to budget and save. I'm so glad I did!!! It's caused me to practice delayed gratification as well as allow me to dream bigger simply because my finances can afford to. As we approach the 2nd Quarter of 2021 I want to officially welcome you to my new series:

"Make It Make ¢ent$'

To kick things off I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!!!

The goal is to learn how to make sense of our money thru budgeting and saving. Have a better relationship with money and retrain our bad habits. Although there are different types of savings challenges I want to encourage you to start off with an Emergency Savings. It's time to stop struggling over things we can prepare for. It's time we start living our best life.

This giveaway is for MEMBERS ONLY to show my appreciation of your support. There's no other group of people that I'd rather succeed with than you! So here's how to get your entry:

1) Sign up as a Faith & Hustle Member (if you are already a member, you've got your entry!!)

2) Follow me on IG: @faithnhustle

3) Tag me on IG playing any song by Chucky Trill and you will get a SECOND free entry.

Deadline ends: April 1, 2021.

Winner Announced: April 2, 2021.

I would love to hear what kind of savings goals you have or savings challenges you decide to do with the money box!! If you have children, remember its never too early to teach them the fundamentals & and its never too late for us as adults either. Lets "Make It Make ¢ent$'

Faith & Hustle is not just a brand it's a lifestyle!! As this website continues to grow I hope we create our own community full of BOSSEs & resources to one another.

I truly appreciate your support, now lets stack this bread!!!!

Where I got my money box:

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